who is watching your tomatoes?

Temperature sensors for your greenhouses and other spaces

Meet the green canary - a reliable automated monitoring system which will notify you if the temperature of your space gets too low or too high.


Where do the green canaries work?

Any United States location where there is a standard electrical outlet and Verizon cell phone coverage.

Simple to get and install

Register at our web site and order one or more sensors.

We ship the sensor.

You plug it in, then configure it at our web site.

And you're ready!


How do the green canaries work?

Each sensor sends temperature readings to our servers over Verizon's cellular network. Our servers will notify you if the temperature gets too high or low.

OK - but how do the green canaries REALLY work?


Green canary in its natural state

You have to plug it in.

Green canary in its alert state

The green canary monitors the temperature continuously. You can see a 24-hour chart on our web site any time.

Green canary in full panic mode

If temperatures get higher or lower than the limits you set, we will send you an immediate notification: by text message, email or phone call. We even notify you if the green canary stops sending signals.


How much does a green canary cost?

You purchase and own the sensors. We charge monthly for the monitoring and notification service.

Plan Contract Term Hardware Cost/ Sensor Monthly Service/ Sensor
Best Value 2 year $  99.00 $29.00
Short Commitment 1 year $169.00 $37.00
No Commitment Month to Month $339.00 $69.00
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Bring some green canary magic to your greenhouse today!

Your tomatoes deserve it.